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Download Office 2011 SP1 for Mac

Sorry. Due to DMCA claims from Microsoft, we had to even remove the official Microsoft download links

Microsoft Office Mac SP1  Microsoft has released the service pack 1 [SP1] update of Office 2011 for Mac which offers additional functionality, improved security and performance.

This update implies to Office 2011 Home and Business Edition, Word 2011, Excel 2011, PowerPoint 2011, Outlook 2011, Communicator 2011, Office for Mac Standard 2011 Edition, Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011, and Microsoft Office for Mac Academic 2011.

office mac 2011 sp1

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What’s new in Office 2011 SP1 update

Office 2011 for Mac offers several changes which add functionality, improve security, stability, reliability and performance

Improved Security

Fixes many vulnerabilities in Office 2011 that an attacker can use to overwrite contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code.

Improved Stability

Fixes issues which cause Office 2011 apps to end unexpectedly.

Includes Alt Text authoring

Enables the authoring of alt text for objects like shapes, pictures, tables etc in Mac Office 2011 applications.

Office live 2011 Mac

Office 2011 for Mac already includes many attractive features like

  • Office web apps: Windows lives skydrive allows you to store your documents and presentations online for free so that could access them from any computer.
  • Coauthoring: Coauthor documents in real time which also supports Office for Windows
  • Broadcasting : Broadcast presentations to multiple person simultaneously
  • New Template gallery and photo editing.

Download Office 2011 SP1 for Mac update

Sorry. Due to DMCA claims from Microsoft, we had to even remove the official Microsoft download links

English: Office2011-1410UpdateEN.dmg (246.2MB)
Danish: Office2011-1410UpdateDA.dmg (299.5MB)
Dutch: Office2011-1410UpdateNL.dmg (244.2MB)
Russian: Office2011-1410UpdateRU.dmg (401.8МB)
Spanish: Office2011-1410UpdateES.dmg (300.1MB)
Japanese: Office2011-1410UpdateJA.dmg (411.9MB)
Norwegian: Office2011-1410UpdateNO.dmg (259.1MB)
Polish: Office2011-1410UpdatePL.dmg (245.4MB)
Swedish: Office2011-1410UpdateSV.dmg (517.6MB)
Russian: Office2011-1410UpdateRU.dmg (401.8МB)
Spanish: Office2011-1410UpdateES.dmg (300.1MB)
Finnish: Office2011-1410UpdateFI.dmg (315.2MB)
French: Office2011-1410UpdateFR.dmg (371.3MB)