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Free Kaspersky RootKit Removal Tool 2011: TDSSKiller

rootkit removal tool 2011 Kaspersky Lab have developed a rootkit removal tool, TDSSKiller utility that allows removing rootkits from your PC.

Rootkit is a software which penetrates into your system and gives privileged access while actively hiding from the administrators by modifying low level API functions. It can also hide particular process, folders and registry keys and also install drivers and services while remaining invisible.

TDSSKiller Rootkit remover 2011

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Features of TDSSKiller : Root removal tool from Kaspersky

  • Unlike other special purpose removal tools, this utility has a graphical user interface [GUI]
  • Can be run in Normal and Safe Mode
  • Detects and removes Rootkits, Bootkits and malware family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.
  • Scans Services, drivers, and Boot sectors

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How to remove rootkits using TDSSKiller?

Download the latest version of TDSSKiller.zip file from the link given below this post.

Extract the contents into a folder on the target PC.

Run the application TDSSKiller.exe file.

Click Start scan and wait until scan finishes and disinfection completes.

After disinfection, reboot the PC.

Download Free Rootkit removal tools from Kaspersky 2011 : TDSSKiller.zip [1.20MB]