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Disable Galaxy S2 Camera Sound

s2 cameraOne of the most frustrating thing I found with Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is that, it doesn’t have an option to turn off the camera sound while taking snaps. The shutter sounds from the camera in galaxy S2 can be embarrassing at times while trying to take photos in quiet environments.

How to Disable Camera Sound in Samsung Galaxy S2

samsung galaxy s2 camera soundFor disabling the camera sound in Galaxy S2, follow any of the following methods given below.

First Method: (local.prop method)

In this method, you have to create an empty file called local.prop and add a line ro.camera.sound.forced = 0 into it.

To do this, open notepad from your computer and paste below code into it.

ro.camera.sound.forced = 0

Now save the file as local.prop and make sure you’re not saving it as local.prop.txt.

Now transfer this file to your Samsung galaxy s2 to the location <phone>/data/. So the final location of the file will be "/data/local.prop"

Reboot your phone, and all the sounds from the camera will be completely silent if you’re putting SGS2 to silent mode.

To restore the sound, just delete the file or change the code to

ro.camera.sound.forced = 1

And save the file in the same location.

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Second method (via ADB)

For this method, copy the local.prop file [check the previous method to know how to make this file] and put it in the ADB folder. Enter command ADB push local.prop /data/local.prop

After this reboot your phone and the camera application will be having the same properties of your system settings. If you put galaxy s2 in silent mode, camera will also be in silent mode.

To restore camera sound, just remove the local.prop file from the phone and restart.

If you have any problems disabling camera sound in galaxy s2 after following this procedure, say them in comments.

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  • Raquel Johnson January 23, 2012, 4:09 am

    Great Renjus awesome post thank you Now I can capture without Sound !

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    This forum helps me to reset my mobile configurations.

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    How can I create a prop. file??