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How to Add Picture Password for Windows 8

As we all know, Windows 8 is all about features and style. But are you making out the most out of its style? To show off your windows 8, there are many features available which are totally different from previous windows version known to us. Picture password with gestures is one among those features that adds style to your windows 8 life.

With picture password setup in Windows 8, instead of typing in the password you can draw small simple shapes gestures on a picture to log into your account.It’s so alluring to use it. But it doesn’t add any extra security feature to you Tab or PC as the picture password can be simply bypassed to enter the alpha numeric password.

windows8 picture password

All you get when you start your pc is a picture that you saved. You can draw simple shapes or lines connecting points on the picture to log in. It would be fantastic to use it on a windows 8 powered tab.

How to Setup Picture Password in Windows 8 Tab/ PC

Setting up gesture password is simple and you can do it in a couple of minutes, you must choose an image of your choice before beginning the setup. When choosing the image make sure the image has some dominantly identifiable points in it so that it can be easier for you to draw the gestures on it. The steps for setting up gesture password are given in below steps.

1. From home menu or (Windows logo key+F),, type change pc settings and then click on users.

2. In the sign in option, click on the create a picture password and follow the simple on screen instruction.

3. For our easiness use simple close-up images with distinct identifiable points on it, so that you can connect those points to start your pc.

What happens if i forget my gesture or picture password on Windows 8?

It’s not an issue at all, you can bypass the picture password by using the option to log in using the normal alpha numeric password and you can change the gesture and the picture used for it.

So start showing off the hidden secrets of your windows 8 and know why most of  them call windows 8 a more humane machine.
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