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How to Revert back Chrome’s New Tab Page

With the new update for Google chrome, they have made less appealing changes to it’s new tab page. A big Google logo with search box in the centre of the screen and recently closed websites below the box, Chrome’s new tab page looks just frustrating. I normally used new tab page for accessing the chrome apps for which now i have to click on the apps button in the bookmarks toolbar. In this post, I’ll show you how to revert or restore your old Google chrome new tab page.

new tab page chrome

How to restore chrome browser’s new tab page

For reverting back to the old look of your new tab page, you’ll have to make some changes to the experimental devtools console of chrome. Just follow the below steps to do so.

Type the following address in the chrome address bar and hit enter


Now you’ll be taken to the experimental devtools console of chrome browser. This settings page allows you to disable or enable some experimental features which are hidden from the main settings.

Now search for a function called “Enable instant extended API”. Disable this function from the options given just below it.

instant extended api Restart your browser and your Chrome tab page will be reverted back to it’s old look.

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  • Ingus October 10, 2013, 7:30 am

    I also prefer the old tab page.