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Install Leaked BBM app on iOS Without Jailbreak

The release of Blackberry messenger for Android and iOS got delayed due to some quality issues with the app. The app was released for a short duration but got pulled before the global release schedule. The BBM app which got leaked for iOS can be installed on iphone without jailbreaking. Checkout the rest of the post for the procedure to install leaked BBM on iOS 7.

Download and Install BBM (Blackberry messenger) app on iphone

BBM for iOS After the short span release of the BBM app in apple store, blackberry decided to pull it due to some issues with the app. But the users who downloaded the blackberry messnger application during that time has leaked the .IPA file to internet. This IPA file can be used to install BBM app in iOS.

The official BBM app which is available as an IPA file can be installed into iphone using an application called iFunbox. In case if you haven’t used iFunbox, it’s an application which can be installed in PC or Mac which allows you to install apps without jailbreaking.

So lets checkout the procedure to install bbm on iphone 5 (iOS7)

1. Download the Blackberry iOS application (.ipa file) from the link given in the bottom.

2. Download and install iFunbox (check link in bottom)

3. Open iFunbox application, connect your iphone to your PC. (you should have already installed your itunes, otherwise ifunbox will not detect your phone)

4. Select tab iFunbox classic and click on install app.

ifunbox blackberry bbm messenger

5. Now select the blackberry messenger (BBM) IPA file which you have downloaded from the below links.

6. BBM will be installed and you can create an ID for using in messenger.

We can hope, the official version of BBM for iOS and Android will be released in the near future after the issues have been resolved. As of now you can enjoy bbm in iOS using this trick.

Download links Blackberry Messenger BBM for iOS leaked version

BBM_[BlackBerry_Limited]_(v1.0_v1.0.0.67_3GS_os60).rc302 [18.8 MB]

Download iFunbox for Windows /Mac OS X  (~20MB)