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How to Disable Automatic Screen Brightness in Windows 8

After using the Sony Vaio Ultrabook P13 for more than a month, I found a strange problem when running in battery. The screen tries to automatically adjust the brightness every now and then. In this post, I’ll show you how to disable automatic screen brightness control in Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro 13 or Pro 11.

(Update:Initially it seemed to be a problem with the light sensor, but turned out to be a problem with Intel graphics driver. Driver update could solve this problem, Please read the end of post)

If you’re facing the same problem as me with the screen flickering to adjust brightness automatically when running in battery, just follow the steps mentioned below. Sony Vaio Ultrabook runs on Windows 8 platform.

Go to Sony Vaio Control center.

Select Image Quality from the left options.

Sony vaio display problem

Turn off the option which enables automatic adjustment of Display brightness.

But even after turning this option off, I was facing the same problem while running in battery. So had to dig inside all the display options to find the setting hidden in Intel Graphics control panel.

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Open Intel HD graphics control panel. (if you can’t find, search for it in start screen)

intel hd graphics control panel

From the options select Power, and then on battery and turn off display power saving technology.

display power saving technology

Update: The problem is now solved with the latest patch of Intel Graphics Driver. Just install the update for your version of Sony Vaio. I installed the update from this link for my model. This program will update Graphics Driver (Intel) to version and will resolve the following symptom:- Sometimes the LCD brightness level changes every time an operation is performed.


Update: 22/10/2013

After doing the above update, another problem started appearing related to display auto brightness problem. When my laptop resumes from sleep, the brightness control doesn’t work. And I’m not able to adjust brightness through the keyboard or power options. After restarting laptop, brightness adjustments will work again. This problem finally solved after doing the below procedure.

1. Turn ON your Sony VAIO.
2. Press Assist button
3. Go to Advance tools << Select Recovery and Restore option << Select Reinstall application and driver.
4. Click on next button << Select SFEP driver/Sony Shared library/Vaio Notebook Utility.
5. Click on start reinstall.
6. Shutdown your Sony VAIO and Restart after 15 minutes.

If you’re facing the problem related to brightness control in sony vaio, please post them in comments.

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  • James October 25, 2013, 12:59 am

    Brightness control doesnt work after windows 8.1 upgrade? any solution?