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Create & Share Custom Route Navigation using Google Maps

Google maps is one the best tools for getting route map for visiting a particular location. It will provide you different ways to reach a destination depending on distance as well as traffic conditions. But in certain situations, the routes suggested by Google maps might not be perfect and we have to ask our friends to give us the exact route. So in that case, Google maps has an option were we can create custom route navigation map and share it with friends.

Lets take in the case of a roadtrip where multiple persons will be joining from different locations. In this case its’ better to create a custom road map with Google maps and share it with everyone so that the navigation route for the trip is clear. In this post, I’ll show you how to create a custom route map using Google maps.

How to create custom road map using Google maps for roadtrips

Go to Google Maps Engine website.

Click on New Map.

google maps engine

A new google maps untitled window will be opened. Search for the place where you want to create custom map.

First of all, we have to add directions from the starting place to destination. To add directions, click on add direction icon direction which appears near the search field.

I will show an example which I created while planning a road trip from Bangalore to Goa. I added started place as Koramangala, Bangalore and destination as Panjim, Goa. If you want to add additional directions, click on add destinations. To change route, click on the route and drag the white dot.

adding directions

So now have created your maps with custom route, it’s time to add placemarks, meeting points, restaurants, hotels or famous landmarks. For this it’s better to create a new layer. Add a layer called hotel where you can list out all the good hotels which are on way. Now click on this layer and search for the business, address, or point of interest that you want to add. A new layer appear in the left panel and your results will show as green pins on the map. Select a pin from the map to see more information like the name and address. If you want to add that pin to your layers, click Add to map.

You can also add photos to enrich your maps experience. Click on the placemark and then click on edit icon and then from menu select camera icon to add your your images or videos. Click save and your changes will appear in the field.

bangalore to goa custom google map

You can see in my maps, i have created placemarks of some hotels which are our stopping points and also some must visit beaches in goa. See my Bangalore to Goa custom google maps,  which is the easiest and best route via karwar! Must visit beaches of Goa also added in maps.

That’s it. Hope this helps you easily organize and manage your trip using google maps.