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Check Out How Much Time You Actually Spend on your iPhone?

Do you want to track how much you use your phone daily? How much time you spend looking at your phone?

There a few apps which helps us track how much time we spend on our phone. Checkout these iphone usage tracking apps.

1. Checky

Checky app for iOS tracks how many times you take the phone out of your pocket. It monitors how often you glance at your smartphone and shows the count for the entire day. For me it came around 86 times a day, which means 86 times I unlocked & checked my phone for some reason, be it whatsapp messages or mail notifications. This awareness can help you make changes to your phone usage, if you feel you need to make a change! Only disadvantage is that it will using location data always and can drain your battery.

checky-iphone-location checky-iphone-usage

Download Checky for iOS (appstore link)

2. Moments

Moments tracks exactly how many minutes you spend on the phone rather than how many times you took it out. It shows how much time you spend with your phone each day. If you are using your phone too much, you can set daily limits  and be alerted when you go over those limits. Once setup, Moment runs in the background and tracks your usage. This app also requires your iOS location data always and I found to be much more battery consuming that checky app.

moment-iphone-location-track moment-iphone-usage

Download Moments for iOS (Appstore link)

If you know any other similar apps, please let me know in comments.