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How to FIX iPhone Browser Hijack & Redirect Problem

Recently my iPhone browser got hijacked & all website were automatically getting redirected to some random websites. I found this redirect problem mostly when searching in Google or Bing in Safari browser. Fortunately I found out the issue & fixed the browser redirect hijack problem in iPhone.

Initially I thought it was an issue with Safari browser. But when I installed Chrome, same redirection issue happened. Even in Facebook app, while opening any link it gets redirected to some lucky winner contests or tradeexchange.com website.


Issue was getting worst, when iPhone browser redirects to n number of sites while using it, which makes it impossible to navigate and browse. It mostly ends up in tradeadexchange.com site and a windows pops up asking to upgrade my iPhone. Whatever search I give in Iphone browser be it Safari or Google, the search results were getting hijacked & redirected to spam website.


How to fix browser redirect problem in iPhone

I tried many ways to rectify this problem, closing the browser, or by using a different browser but none of this worked. When I checked for solutions in internet, many people have posted the same query & it seems it has affected iPhone5, iPhone 5s,iPhone5c, iPhone 6 & 6s. Finally i figured out a solution. In your iPhone settings go to the Safari and click on clear history and website data. Then close the browser completely and RESTART iPhone.. This helped me resolve the issue in no time.


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If your redirect issue is still not solved. Disable WiFi in your mobile & browse using Mobile network (after doing above procedure & restarting iPhone). If it redirects Only in WiFi network, then most probably your wifi router setting might have be hijacked though other means. I will explain how to reset Wifi router settings in my next post. Stay subscribed to receive updates.