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How To Stream Any IP Cam on VLC Player Using RTSP

In this post, we will describe how to live stream video from IP cam using VLC Player. Most of the IP cam support RTSP which is an abbreviation for Real time streaming protocol. This protocol is used in controlling the streaming sessions between a source & destination. Read further to know how to play RTSP video of IP camera on VLC player.

First of all, Check the specifications of your IP Cam whether its support RTSP or any other streaming protocol.

How to Find the IP Address & Streaming Protocol of IP Camera

In order to check, which streaming protocol is supported by your IPcam, login to the web settings of your camera. In our setup, we have set camera IP address as Open your browser & enter your IP address of cam. You will have to login with username & password depending on the security option if enabled. After login, go to network settings and check which protocol is supported. In  our camera, as you can see below supports RTSP & Onvif. Check the port number used for RTSP. Mostly it will be 554.Now go to the video setting tab & check the encoding whether H264/MPEG/Mjpeg etc.


Note down the IP address of IP Camera, encoding format & port number of RSTP.

How to Play RTSP video of IP cam on VLC Player

Open VLC Player.

Go to Media> Open Network Stream (Or press CNTRL+N). Now enter this string and change as per your IP Address,encoding & Port number.


Now it will ask for login username & password. Once done it will show the live stream of your IP camera in VLC player.

You can also try the direct string without entering the username & password. Use below string after changing IPaddress, username& password as per your settings.