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My Gadgets

Some of the gadgets & tools I use on a daily basis are listed below.

1. Apple iPhone 5: My primary phone, used for both business and personal purpose. Also this my primary internet device which keeps me connected at all times.

2. Samsung Galaxy S2: Secondary phone which I keep fully charged in case I need to play with android or to use when iphone has drained it’s battery.

3. Sony Vaio Ultrbook Pro 13 : My main work machine where I do all experiments. It’s very lightweight, ultraslim, capacitive touchscreen and has body made of carbon fibre. Runs on windows 8 with intel core i5 and 4GB RAM. Cons: sharp edges and no lan port or ODD.

4. Lenovo Thinkpad T420: Mainly used only for office purpose. Intel core i5 processor with 250Gb hard disk and 2GB RAM.

5. Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera : A semi pro DSLR which I mainly use for shooting in weekend trips. D7000 has got excellent build quality and good low light performance. Even a non professional guy like me could take stunning pics with this instrument.

6. Sony Vaio vgn-cr 363: Used it for 5years without even single hardware failure. It even escaped a major water accident(laptop was literally floating in water). Current condition:Dead due to board failure.

7. Accessories :

a) Mili 4000Mah powerbank: Decent power bank which can charge my iphone 2.5 times(max). It has got 2 USB slots which can charge two devices simultaneously. One slot is 1amp(for mobiles) and other slot of 2amps(for tablets). Only problem is that it takes around 8 hours to fully charge.

b) Logitech Wireless mouse M325: Used mainly while browsing websites, uses 2.4Ghz wireless connection(not bluetooth) and works on almost all surfaces(except glass).

8. Internet Connectivity

a) ACT broadband: My primary internet option is ACT broadband which provides 15mbps (Rs. 1199 plan) optical fibre connection to my apartment. Speeds which I actually get varies from 1Mbps to 2Mbps. Only on speedtest.net website it shows 15Mbps to be honest.

b) Airtel 3G: Offers good speed when shown proper 3G range(above 4 bars). I have taken the Rs. 999 plan which gives 4Gb of data per month.

c) TataPhoton max: Used only for official purpose. Provides decent speeds to check mail and for small downloads.

9. Storage

a) 1TB Western Digital hard drive: Stores all personal movie collections and photos. Cons: it’s USB 2.0 and has poor transfer speed.

b) Drop box: Used for online storage and especially useful when syncing files between multiple devices.

c) USB drives: Transcend(32GB) & Sandisk (8GB)

10. Home Theatre

a) Onkyo HT-S3400: 5.1 Channel home theater system provides decent quality sound for movies and gaming. Connected with bluray player through hdmi and accepts HD audio from both dolby and DTS with support for 3D video. Cons: Not much good for playing music.

b) Sony BDP-s370: Blueray player having support for Dolby trueHD and can stream internet video. Ethernet port available and the only limitation is that it supports only FAT32 and not NTFS ;even latest firmware update can’t help 🙁

c) Panasonic Viera 32’’ LCD TV : Just a normal LCD tv which is running 365x20x7 for last several years..