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Free Download Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft has now released the preview option of Office 2016 and the good news is that it is going to be a free preview this time. Download Microsoft Office 2016 for free from the link given below at end of post. MS Office 2016 download link includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, InfoPath, Publisher, and Lync.

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IPL 9 Schedule 2016 [Updated]

IPL 3_logo

IPL 9 2016 Edition will be kicking off shortly by next week. I have updated the latest schedule of IPL 2016 to this page and if any update will be reflected to this post. Download PDF version of IPL 2016 Schedule below.

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With the advent of Smart TV’s, watching your favourite movie on big screen TV has become more popular. Each time after downloading new movie from torrent, I had to manually copy to USB drive, plug into back of TV and then play it. This in turn is a very tedious and time consuming process. So I started searching for an option to stream videos directly from my laptop to TV through WiFi.

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Free Unlimited Trick for Airtel 3G Using VPN

Airtel has recently started campaigning heavily for Airtel 4G claiming to be the fastest network provider for 4G & 3G connections in India. Airtel has promised unlimited life time calls and 3G/ 4G free if any other network providers can break their network speeds. In this post, I’m not going to show any methods to break this challenge but to show how to use this fastest Airtel 4G internet for Free and that too unlimited. Many tricks we had shared in the site for free Airtel 3G is no longer working. Use this latest trick for getting unlimited Airtel 3G for Free.

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In this post, I will show you how to get direct link for Windows 10 ISO download without using the media creation tool.

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With the evolution of HDMI, it’s possible to connect your laptop to HD TV or any other external display without much hassle. But problem is that it requires the connection to be wired and lengthy HDMI cables are quite costly.In this post, I will show you how to wirelessly mirror Laptop screen to any Smart TV.

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After launch of Windows 10, Many websites are providing un-official links for downloading the ISO file or DVD for Windows 10. Downloading Windows 10 from torrent is also not recommended as the uploader might have infected the installation with Malware, bloatware or Virus. Also if the downloaded version is contained in a zip or rar file, probably the zip archive might be password protected so as to get the downloader to visit some links or surveys to reveal password. Do not waste time on these downloads as it’s now possible to get free version of Windows 10 from Official Microsoft website itself. Update: I have added a new trick on how to download Windows 10 directly (complete setup) without using any additional downloaders. Check bottom of post for update.

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Why Outlook is The Best Email Client for iOS

iPhone users have numerous options for email clients which are distinct from each other in terms of performance and features. Undoubtedly Outlook app for iOS has been found the best email client among the whole lot. Surprised ?? Scroll down to find out how outlook stands different from the others.

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How to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates

windows 10 logoHave you downloaded Windows 10 recently and facing problem to disable automatic updates? Lately Windows have been trying to operate more like Google Chrome or any web based application wherein the users don’t have the option of turning off the updates manually. But the security updates which is forcefully pushed by Microsoft tends to break the software and its drivers thereby slowing down the functionality of the entire operating system.

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How I Started My First Forex Trade with Etoro


Etoro has really made the forex trading simple and user-friendly.Even the beginners can master the secrets of forex money making within days.I was really inspired into forex trading after seeing one of my friend making thousands of dollar per week with etoro.After signing up for a real etoro account,I practiced 2days with the demo account just to get an idea of the forex market.

My first profit from etoro came after one of my yahoo chat friend gave me a quick tip about the EURO/USD market and I made 2 fast transactions with just $50.Within 30 minutes I managed to get a profit of $180.And it was the first time in my life that i made that much amount within just 30 minutes.After that I decided to do some research on the current forex market and learned few tricks to obtain free forex signals.[don’t worry,I will be sharing it with you)

Step by step procedure on how I did my first forex trade.

For trading forex,you require to install an application from etoro.You can download it from here.After Installing the application,double click the etoro icon on your desktop.

etoro startup screen

Now click on Trade for real button on the screen and then register a new account through the “open new account” link.After registering your new account,you will be taken to your trading platform.To start your trade you need to deposit some money,for that click on “click to deposit” icon.



For depositing money,use can use PayPal,Credit card,moneybookers,Western Money or wire transfer.I prefer doing deposit with PayPal or Credit Card,since for withdrawing money, you have to use the same method which you used to deposit money.Credit card is the most easiest option since eToro can send funds directly to your credit card and you can withdraw money from the nearby ATM.You can start trading with as low as $25,but i recommend you to start with $50(more money,more profit).

Now they have an interesting offer by which you can get a signup bonus of $25 extra for a $100 deposit.That’s a total of $125 for you to trade.

How to Start Your First Forex Trading

etoro trading

You can choose any of the following trading arena Global Trader,Forex trend,Forex Marathon,Trade box.I tend to spend a lot of time in Trade box arena. In tradebox arena you can select the currency pair you wish to trade.For eg If you want to sell Eur/Usd,then click EUR/USD and select SELL.

Then you could decide the risk/reward level. I always leave it at x200 default level.

And there is an option to impose trade limits(optional),that is if “Take profit” is set to $25 then the trade automatically stops when you reach a profit of $25.I have not set any limits ever and don’t think i will ever need it. 🙂


How to select the currency pair to trade.

The best way to select the currency pair to trade is to look for the Top Traders Insight provided by etoro for free.From here you can check what the top forex traders are buying and selling and it would be wise to select your trading currencies according to that.

etoro top traders insight

From the Top Traders Insight window you will be able to identify the best currency to buy or sell.In the above insight,you can see that top forex traders are buying AUD/USD and thus it is the best time to buy AUD/USD and also you could see that it would be wise to sell GBP/JPY and USD/JPY.

If you want to obtain free forex signals and a complete Forex tutorial worth $127 along with other forex tricks,then signup for etoro and shoot me an email at renju[at]renjusblog.com or Message me in facebook with your etoro username(real account) and email address.I will be sharing this $150 worth products with all of you for free.

Happy Trading.